The Boutique



Our mission

Our mission at Tiffinie Bleu Bridal Boutique is to help brides find “the one” while having an experience that she will never forget. Finding the dress of your dreams should be a moment you remember and cherish forever. Let our dedicated and professional team help find the dress that will leave your future spouse speechless. We want you to walk away not only with the wedding dress of your dreams but with an experience like no other.

We believe in high quality designer wedding gowns, as well as high quality customer service. Let our dedicated and professional team help find the dress that will leave your fiancé speechless.


The experience

At Tiffinie Blue, we want you to be as relaxed and distraction free as possible as you look for the wedding gown of your dreams. This is why we offer perks and treats as you shop, making your appointment as special as we possibly can. 

How we go above and beyond for you

  • The shop is closed JUST FOR YOU and your party! No distractions, rushing, having to worry about crowds or wondering if we will be able to see you. The shop is all yours!

  • You and your party will be served champagne! What better way to relax and shop than with a chilled glass of champagne. Complimentary to you and your party.

  • Special made Tiffinie Bleu cookies! You and all your girls take home a sweet treat as a thank you for shopping with us.

  • We are not a one-and-done type of boutique. Come back and try on your dress as many times as you need! Finding your wedding dress is a big deal, and we know from experience you can't just try it on once after it comes in. Call us or email us to schedule an appointment and we would love to have you back.

We do not charge extra for any of our perks or treats. Having the best experience at Tiffinie Bleu is our main concern, so sit back, relax and let us take care of you!





Thank you soooo much Tiffinie Bleu Bridal Boutique and especially Anastasia!!! Any bride that tells you that you will know it is “the dress” once you try it on is a BOLD liar! I loved every single dress I tried on and wanted them all! I had to limit the dress count down to 10 because I had such a hard time making the decision. I got my family to come help me make the final decision based on everything I picked out. Anastasia was the BEST!! She dealt with my super bad ADHD and handled all my last minute decisions to where I never had to stress! Thank you Thank you Thank you!
— Haley Berry Bielewicz